Maria Tsoukala writes in about Aenaon, after her presence at the brand's event at The Dolli at Acropolis:

An innovative formula designed by Eva Tsanti exclusively for Aenaon°. The highly effective active ingredients are enclosed in a double-walled capsule, creating a unique combination of active ingredients that hydrate, nourish, repair and reconstruct the skin, penetrating its deepest levels. The peptides that bind to the outer layer of encapsulated active ingredients bind specifically and "selectively" to the "target cells", the cells that need them, releasing all the active ingredients inside them.  Aenaon° skincare products are clinically proven to repair, reconstruct and improve skin quality by harnessing the power of each of the carefully selected natural ingredients contained in their formulation. The products' innovative technology allows them to penetrate even deeper into the skin's layers, giving the skin what it needs at the cellular level, not just on the surface.

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