The website writes about Aenaonº:

A new Greek venture, harnessing the power of Nature and Science in effective care for the everlasting maintenance of beauty.Aenaon° means "timeless". And that's exactly the meaning this fresh premium Greek skincare brand wants to convey, signifying its scientific ability to establish beauty as a timeless value.Behind this is Eva Tsanti, MSc Chemist and creator of Aenaon°, who has created a capsule collection of products for the face Absolute Renew Serum, Revitalized Luminous Skin, Anti-Wrinkle Absolute Hydration, Anti-Wrinkle Ultimate Skin Perfection and Supreme Radiance Lift & Firm SPF30, as well as two unique dry body care oils, Crystal Reflection Dry Body Oil and Golden Reflection Shimmering Dry Oil.

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Aenaonº Absolute Renew All Day Face Serum

Aenaonº Anti-Wrinkle Absolute Hydration Rich Day Face Cream

Aenaonº Anti-Wrinkle Ultimate Skin Perfection Rich Night Face Cream 

Aenaonº Revitalized Luminous Skin Soft Day Face Cream

Aenaonº Supreme Radiance Lift & Firm Tinted Day Cream SPF30

Aenaonº Crystal Reflection Mirage Cristallin Dry Βody Oil

Aenaonº Golden Reflection Mirage d’or Shimmering Dry Body Oil